Posted in 2016

Making OSVVM a Git Submodule

Prior to the 0.67.0 release the OSVVM library included with VUnit was a modified copy of the original project to support GHDL. Nowadays the OSVVM project supports GHDL natively and it is also available from GitHub so we made it a submodule instead. The submodule is a way to keep another Git repository (OSVVM) in a subdirectory of the VUnit repository while keeping their histories separate. Updates to OSVVM doesn’t affect the VUnit history and vice versa. This makes no difference if you’re downloading VUnit from PyPi but if you’re cloning VUnit from GitHub there are some things to consider. If you’re pulling version 0.67.0 to update your local Git clone the OSVVM subdirectory of VUnit will become empty. To populate the directory you have to do

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Improving VHDL Testbench Design with Message Passing

Some time ago me and my colleagues at Synective Labs did a teamwork exercise called the Marshmallow Challenge. The challenge is to build the tallest structure that can hold a marshmallow from twenty sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape and one yard of string. The structure must be completed within 18 minutes. Many teams with various backgrounds have taken this challenge and a number of observations have been made:

message passing

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Website Updates

Our website has been updated with a Gitter-based chat and an improved documentation platform based on Sphinx. When changing to Sphinx it came natural to also switch the blogging platform to ABlog which is based on Sphinx.

The chat has just been active for a few days but it’s already very active. Currently it’s used to port VUnit to Cadence Incisive. We don’t have such licenses but the chat has been used to support the porting work done by people that do. FOSS collaboration at its best!

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Chat with VUnit Users and Developers

Today I created a VUnit chat room using Gitter. Click the chat icon on the left of the page to join the discussion.

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Welcome to Our New Website

Today I moved VUnit from my personal GitHub account to a dedicated VUnit account. Links to the previous account are redirected to the new so your clones of VUnit should not be affected. However, I suggest you update your remote location to avoid any confusion.

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