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VUnit cosim

VUnit is an open source unit testing framework for VHDL/SystemVerilog, which features the functionality needed to realise continuous and automated testing of HDL code. VUnit doesn’t replace but rather complements traditional testing methodologies by supporting a “test early and often” approach through automation. Read more

VUnit cosim follows the same philosophy to support co-simulation (co-execution) of VHDL along with software applications written in a different language (typically C/C++ or Python). The content of this module is organised in bridges, examples and utils:

  • Bridges: glue logic between a external VHDL API (or another bridge) and some other API in VHDL and/or C (bindings).

  • Examples: working demo projects that use some utils and/or bridges.

  • Utils: helper functions in Python (based on ctypes, base64, numpy and Pillow) which are useful for interacting with C-alike executables.