Making OSVVM a Git Submodule#

Prior to the 0.67.0 release the OSVVM library included with VUnit was a modified copy of the original project to support GHDL. Nowadays the OSVVM project supports GHDL natively and it is also available from GitHub so we made it a submodule instead. The submodule is a way to keep another Git repository (OSVVM) in a subdirectory of the VUnit repository while keeping their histories separate. Updates to OSVVM doesn’t affect the VUnit history and vice versa. This makes no difference if you’re downloading VUnit from PyPi but if you’re cloning VUnit from GitHub there are some things to consider. If you’re pulling version 0.67.0 to update your local Git clone the OSVVM subdirectory of VUnit will become empty. To populate the directory you have to do

path/to/my/vunit/repo> git submodule update --init --recursive

This will populate the directory again with the files from OSVVM’s GitHub repository. If you’re making a new VUnit clone you can skip this second step by doing

git clone --recursive