Most of the examples expect the simulator to support several VHDL 2008 features. This is made explicit by using context instead of multiple use statements. However, some vendors do support enough VHDL 2008 features in order to run some of the examples, but they cannot handle contexts. In those cases, replacing context vunit_lib.vunit_context with the content of vunit/vhdl/vunit_context.vhd and vunit/vhdl/data_types/src/data_types_context.vhd might work.



➚ examples/vhdl/check

Demonstrates the VUnit check library.


➚ examples/vhdl/run

Demonstrates the VUnit run library.

Composite generics#

➚ examples/vhdl/composite_generics

See Enable Your Simulator to Handle Complex Top-Level Generics.

Vivado IP#

➚ examples/vhdl/vivado

Demonstrates compiling and performing behavioral simulation of Vivado IPs with VUnit.


➚ examples/vhdl/axi_dma

Demonstrates the AXI read and write slave verification components as well as the AXI-lite master verification component. An AXI DMA is verified which uses an AXI master port to read and write data from external memory. The AXI DMA also has a control register interface via AXI-lite.

VHDL User Guide#

➚ examples/vhdl/user_guide

The most minimal VUnit VHDL project covering the basics of the User Guide.


➚ examples/vhdl/uart

A more realistic test bench of an UART to show VUnit VHDL usage on a typical module.

Generating tests#

➚ examples/vhdl/generate_tests

Demonstrates generating multiple test runs of the same test bench with different generic values. Also demonstrates use of output_path generic to create test bench output files in location specified by VUnit python runner.


➚ examples/vhdl/array

Demonstrates the integer_array_t data type, which can be used to handle dynamically sized 1D, 2D and 3D data as well as storing and loading it from csv and raw files.

Communication library#

➚ examples/vhdl/com

Demonstrates the com message passing package which can be used to communicate arbitrary objects between processes. Further reading can be found in the com user guide.

Array and AXI4 Stream Verification Components#

➚ examples/vhdl/array_axis_vcs

Shows how to use integer_array_t, axi_stream_master_t and axi_stream_slave_t. A CSV file is read, the content is sent in a row-major order to an AXI Stream buffer (FIFO) and it is received back to be saved in a different file. Further information can be found in the verification component library user guide, in subsection Stream and in vhdl/verification_components/test/tb_axi_stream.vhd.


➚ examples/vhdl/logging

Demonstrates VUnit’s support for logging.


➚ examples/vhdl/json4vhdl

Demonstrates the JSON-for-VHDL library which can be used to parse JSON content. The content can be read from a file, or passed as a stringified generic. This is an alternative to composite generics, that supports any depth in the content structure.


SystemVerilog User Guide#

➚ examples/verilog/user_guide

The most minimal VUnit SystemVerilog project covering the basics of the User Guide.

SystemVerilog UART#

➚ examples/verilog/uart

A more realistic test bench of an UART to show VUnit SystemVerilog usage on a typical module.